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This truck is being stripped down and redesigned by our Humboldt County based team to compete in the Strange Vehicle Games 2004 competition which will take place in Denzou China at the end of October 2004.

There will be 21 teams from 16 countries around the world competing. Each team was given $2,000. and 5 weeks to produce their best contraption. The trucks will be shipped to China on August 20th in a container.

The vehicles must go through a rigorous obstacle course, a swamp section and multiple coordination drills. Then if it makes it through to the finals we will be driving Sumo Style demolition derby. Two trucks trying to push each other out of a marked arena...or disable the other truck completely.

The team consists of Duane Flatmo, Jerry Kunkel and Scott Cocking. Additional help from our trouble shooter and good friend Marcus Schaible. Also guided by the brilliant mind and knowledge of Russel Marsh.

Thank you to our "sponsors" who have given great deals or just plain donated stuff or time:

Bob's Fine Cars, Bob Crivelo

John's Used Cars

"Arcata Salvage" Doug and Bonnie Conner

Les Schwab Tires

Eureka Wholesale Auto

Tomas Jewelry

Humboldt Internet

Konaboldt Coffee, Brian & Jeri

Russel Marsh, Technical Support

Don Clark, Technical Support

Marcus Schaible, "Mr. Mechanic"

Dale Warmuth at Leon's Mufflers, Eureka

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